Changes to our new car showroom locations, used car sales and service department locations

All of our Trinity Auto Group customers should make themselves aware of these recent changes to our sales and service departments.

Trinity Auto Group is the largest automotive group in Far North Queensland, having 13 new and demonstrator car brands - Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Kia, Suzuki, Subaru, MG, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Renault, SsangYong and Isuzu. We also have over 200+ Quality Used Cars for sale in Cairns - Hatchbacks, Wagons, Sedans, 4x4's, Utilities, SUV's, Vans - at our three used car locations in Cairns.

We provide all of your Servicing, Accessories, & Parts requirements at our Cairns dealerships. You can find our comprehensive range of new cars and used cars for sale in Cairns on our website:

Trinity Honda Service and Used Cars Cairns

We have recently created a third used car outlet in Cairns. Trinity Honda Used Cars is located next to our Honda new car showroom and is managed by the Trinity Honda team. This location specializes in late model SUVs, the largest segment in the Cairns car market today. Only late model quality used cars with comprehensive vehicle warranties are offered.

Our Trinity Honda service department has moved next door. Now located at 88 McLeod street via our main service department driveway, this service workshop entry looks after eight of our thirteen new car brands. These being Trinity Honda, Mercedes-Benz Cairns, Trinity Suzuki, Trinity Kia, Trinity MG, Trinity Jaguar, Trinity Renault and Trinity Land Rover.

Trinity MG Cairns New Cars and Service

We have just relocated our sales and service of MG vehicles from our Earlville location to the city. The Trinity MG new car showroom is now located beside Trinity Ford on Florence street and the Trinity MG service department driveway is located at 88 McLeod street. MG is one of Trinity Auto Group's fastest growing new car brands and offers great value in the small car and SUV markets. Those considering a late model small used car should stop by our new car showroom and consider putting a new MG on the new car shopping list.

Trinity Suzuki Cairns Service

Our Trinity Suzuki new car showroom is still in the same location at 47 McLeod Street however our service department has now been relocated from our Earlville location to 88 McLeod Street, directly across the road from the Trinity Suzuki new car showroom.

You can find any of our Cairns new cars sales showrooms, used car sales, service department locations or our parts warehouse by visiting this page on our website:

Happy Motoring from the Trinity Auto Group Team.