Reserve Your Next Car Online

Over the last few months Trinity Auto Group, the largest multi-franchise motor dealer in Cairns have implemented, with great success an online reservation service that takes a car you may be intending to purchase off the market while you take the time to make the final decisions around purchase.

Customers already using this service tell us it's convenient and takes away a lot of the stresses around making that final decision to purchase, or not.

This service is available with all our new cars, demonstrator models and used cars displayed on our websites.

With this new online option, you can exclusively reserve a vehicle for 48 hours for just $200.00. This fee is fully refundable if you change your mind.

Why would I reserve a car online, you might ask?

Here is a few good reasons:

1. You may have been in and looked, liked and even test-driven the car already and need 24 hours to think about it. By reserving the car online there and then you take it off the market for the next 48 hours.

2. It may be Sunday or after hours and you see the car of your dreams on one of our many car yards or new car showrooms, but know one is around to help. Reserve it online and sort out the rest later.

3. The other decision maker in the family is out of town for a couple of days, but your sure they'll like it when they see it.

4. You've seen the car online already, think its the right one for you, but you're so busy at work there is no way you can get in, in the next day or so.

How do I reserve my next new car online?

Well here is a couple of the most popular commonly asked questions and answers:

How do I reserve a new car or used car online?

Once you've found the right new or used car, simply click on the 'Reserve' button on the website and follow the simple, 2-step journey to reserve your car. You'll receive an instant confirmation of your reservation and the vehicle will be removed from sale for 48 hours.

Once your vehicle is reserved one of our sales team will be in touch, and if you're happy with everything and all the boxes are ticked, our team will arrange everything with you, making the process both streamlined and personal.

Can I walk into a dealership to purchase the car I want, without reserving online?

Yes you can! When we are open of course - please feel safe and welcome to visit our new car showrooms and 3 used car locations in Cairns. If more convenient, our team is also ready and waiting to support you over the phone. Simply contact the dealership via phone or email, we're happy to help.

How long is my car reserved for?

We reserve the vehicle for 48 hours, from the date your reservation payment fee is confirmed by email. A member of our team will be in touch within this time to confirm next steps.

What happens if I decide I don't want the car?

Wasn't your cup of tea? No worries, we'll refund your reservation fee in full. You can cancel the reservation fee at any time, and once processed, you will be refunded within 3-5 working days. To cancel your reservation, simply contact the dealership where the vehicle is located.

Is the reservation fee used as part of my deposit?

Yes, we will deduct your reservation fee from the deposit of your new car or used car should you wish to proceed with the sale. It forms part of the car's purchase price should you wish to go ahead.

Can I reserve more than one car?

You are welcome to individually reserve as many vehicles as you wish.

How much is the reservation fee?

The cost of reserving a new or used car on any of our dealer websites is AUD$200.00.

Who handles your reservation fee payment (payment gateway)?

We use St. George Bank - a major Australian bank and a safe, approved and trusted payments service to manage the reservation fee transaction, so that you can reserve your car online safely and securely.

Are my credit/debit card details stored anywhere?

Trinity Auto Group do not view or store any credit/debit card information. Your card details are processed by St. George Bank. Any payment transactions will be encrypted using St. George Bank's authenticated payment system for your security and peace of mind.

Need more help or have more questions?

You can read more about the terms and conditions in the reserve section located next to the reserve button on each online vehicle on our dealer websites.

So what are your waiting for, it's easy to reserve our next new car or used car from Trinity Auto Group online. Search through our selection of vehicles to find your next perfect car. If you have any other questions or would like help with your next purchase you can enquire using the form below and we'll be in touch soon.