Trinity Honda HR-V Run-out

Looking for a great deal on a small SUV? Time to get to Trinity Honda Cairns

The HR-V looks as good coming as it does going with a sporty rear hatch, plus stunning rear combination tail lights featuring LED optical guide stripes that emit a futuristic glow. Its contemporary coupe appearance and sporty side profile have been designed to make it a car you'll love to see and be seen in.

Trinity Honda are running out the last remaining stock of HR-V, There is only 8 left! So hurry in for one H of a deal at Trinity Honda Cairns. Check out these run-out prices on remaining stock:

HRV VTi $25,878 drive away. SAVE $ 3,226 Only 2x Platinum White, 1x Lunar Silver left.

HRV VTi-S $29,990 drive away SAVE $ 2,204 Only 1x Platinum White, 1x Passion Red, 1x Modern Steel left.

HRV RS $33,590 drive away SAVE $2,131 Only 1x Passion Red, 1x Modern Steel left.

When you need to keep your eyes on the road, it's great to know that you've got everything to hand. We've intuitively designed the HR-V cockpit, so that every feature is where you need it ? from the elegant dashboard with 7-inch display, to the multi-function steering wheel.

.Every contour of the HR-V has been maximised for strength, agility and performance. Reinforced steel and high-efficiency joint structures create incredible stability and rigidity with reduced weight. Its low centre of gravity allows it to hug the road.

Under hood lies a 1.8L i-VTEC engine perfectly proportioned for this sub-compact SUV. Generating a punchy 105kW of power and 172Nm of pulling power, it's coupled to Honda's state-of the-art Earth Dreams CVT. Adjusting to the driving conditions and ensuring the engine is operating at the most efficient rpm level, the result is a smooth and comfortable drive that's easier on your passengers and your wallet.

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