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Cash for your car – sell your car today!!

Cash for your car – sell your car today!!

The easiest way to sell your car for cash, hassle free and stress free. Tell us about your requirements using the form below.

The team at Trinity Auto Group make selling your car as easy and convenient as possible. Simply send us your vehicle details using the form below and let our team take care of the rest. Complete your details now.

It's fast, free, and there's no obligation.

Get your written offer

How we determine your offer - subject to inspection

Your offer begins with our expertise. Any dealer can estimate used car values, but few have appraisers who:

  • Undergo special training
  • Average 5 years on the job
  • Average 1,000 vehicles appraised
  • We've appraised over 200,000 vehicles in all

If you are happy with the online offer, or maybe we are getting close, upon inspection our car appraiser will put your car through a detailed evaluation. We try hard to get the best possible market value based on the vehicle's condition at the time of valuation.

The appraisal can take as little as 30 minutes and includes:

  • A test-drive
  • A thorough inspection that takes into account vehicle condition inside and out, Aftermarket parts and/or modifications, options and special features
  • Checking your vehicle's history report
  • Comparing your vehicle against current market conditions, such as national sales trends and auction data
Sell us your car

What you will need to complete the sale

  • Your car's title or payoff information — all title holders should plan to be present. (If any person listed on the title cannot make it, please talk to us.)
  • Valid current registration to confirm ownership.
  • Valid photo ID for all title holders.

All keys and remote(s) — If original keys/remotes are missing, it may result in your offer being adjusted.

If you don't have all of the required items, we may still be able to complete the sale. We'll guide you through the process and help make arrangements to gather what's missing.

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After the sale:

Trinity Auto Group will issue a bank cheque made payable to the name(s) listed on the title. The bank cheque must be deposited and cannot be cashed. Consider contacting your bank for information on their hold policy.